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Fruit Ice Cream Maker

Fruit Ice Cream Maker

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Enjoy Your Favorite Ice Creams at Home

Don't Spend More Money on Store-Bought Ice Creams and start creating your own yummy desserts. The Fruit Ice Cream Maker lets you indulge in homemade desserts that will satisfy your cravings. 


Yonanas: A Home Frozen Yogurt Maker That Uses Frozen Fruit


 Experience Endless Flavor

Explore a world of flavors and let your imagination run wild. With the Fruit Ice Cream Maker, you can create unique combinations and delight your taste buds.


Yonanas Classic dessert maker, includes 36 Count Recipe Book


Make Memories and Share the Love

 Bring your loved ones together in the kitchen and create unforgettable moments. The Fruit Ice Cream Maker is perfect for family activities, making favorite frozen treats a joint effort.


How It Works – Yonanas


Skip the Lines & save time

No more waiting in lines or settling for average ice cream. The Fruit Ice Cream Maker allows you to whip up delicious frozen treats in just 10 to 15 minutes


I Tried The Kitchen Gadget That Says It Can Turn Any Fruit Into Ice Cream


 Indulge in ice cream anytime, anywhere

Making homemade ice cream is a piece of cake with the Fruit Ice Cream Maker! It's easy to set up and store, fitting perfectly in any kitchen. No more mess or hassle - enjoy simple ice cream making!


Yonanas soft serve maker: Can this gadget turn anything into ice cream?


Create frozen masterpieces with the Fruit Ice Cream Maker. Order now and elevate your homemade treats to a whole new level. Limited stock available. Don't miss out!


Product information

Specifications: American standard 110v, European standard, British standard
Color: silver black
Tension/fr←quence: 220V/50Hz
Taille: 16*17*35cm
Puissance: 200W
Fonction: Presser
Capacit←: 0.7L

Package Content

1xFruit Ice Cream Maker Make Delicious Ice Cream Sorbets and Frozen Yogurt Maker




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