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The Maglev Lamp

The Maglev Lamp

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A Night Lamp Like No Other 

The Maglev Lamp goes beyond being just a night lamp; it's a creative decoration that adds a touch of magic to your living space. Whether placed on a bedside table, desk, or shelf, this lamp is sure to captivate and inspire awe.


The Perfect Gift for All Occasions

Searching for the perfect gift? Look no further! The Maglev Lamp is a delightful present for your family, friends, colleagues, and even students. Its unique design and mesmerizing display make it a beautiful gift that will leave a lasting impression.


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Modern Design, Timeless Elegance

Crafted with a sleek and sturdy iron lamp holder, the Maglev Lamp showcases a modern style that effortlessly complements any decor. Choose from the elegant shades of gold or black to match your personal aesthetic.


Trichromatic Light for an Ambient Glow

Experience the beauty of trichromatic light with the Maglev Lamp. Its soothing and nice illumination creates a calming atmosphere, perfect for relaxation or setting the mood for any occasion.



With its compact size and easy setup, the Maglev Lamp seamlessly integrates into any space. Simply plug it into a standard 220V outlet, and watch as the magic unfolds before your eyes.


Unlock the enchantment and bring mesmerizing light into your life with the extraordinary Maglev Lamp. Elevate your space and immerse yourself in its captivating glow. Experience the magic today, order your Maglev Lamp and let wonder fill the air!


Product Information

  • Lampholder material: Iron
  • Style: Modern
  • Color: Gold, black
  • Voltage: 220 V
  • Specification: Trichromatic light
  • Package size: 31 * 16.5 * 16.5cm
  • Weight: 0.76kg

Package Content

  • 1 Lamp



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