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Pet Cooling Pad

Pet Cooling Pad

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Beat the heat with our Cooling Pad

As the summer heat intensifies, our furry companions suffer from discomfort and exhaustion. But worry no more! Our Ice Cooling Pad is the perfect solution to keep your pet cool, comfortable, and happy during the scorching days. Say goodbye to their panting and distress and give them the relief they deserve.


Pet Summer Cooling Pad


 Stay Cool, Stay Happy

 Imagine your pet lounging on our innovative cooling pad, feeling an instant burst of refreshing coolness against their fur. Our advanced technology ensures maximum heat absorption, providing immediate relief from the oppressive summer temperatures. Watch your pet's stress melt away as they experience the blissful sensation of coolness.



Say Goodbye to Overheating Woes

No more worrying about your pet's well-being during hot days. Our Pet Summer Cooling Pad tackles the problem head-on, combating the heat and creating a soothing oasis for your furry friend. Let them enjoy a peaceful and comfortable summer, free from the dangers of overheating.



Don't let your beloved pet suffer in the sweltering heat. Act now and order our Pet Cooling Pad!    


Product information

Product name:  Ice Cooling Pad

Material: Nylon cold feeling yarn+filled cotton+breathable mesh cloth
Color: Blue, pink, Coffee, light blue, gray

 S (50*40cm), M (60*50cm), L (70*55cm), XL (100*70cm), 2XL (150*100cm), XS (40*30cm)

Package Contents

1*Pet pad




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