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Frisbee Ball Pet

Frisbee Ball Pet

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Bored Dog? Frisbee Bliss is the Ultimate Solution!


【Unleash the magic】: Elevate playtime with our mind-blowing frisbee ball toy. It transforms from a sphere to a frisbee in seconds, soaring through the air with grace and bouncing back effortlessly. Unleash the extraordinary and experience exhilarating fun like never before.

Ultimate versatility】: Get ready for endless entertainment with our multi-functional toy. It combines a frisbee ball, interactive training ball, teething ball, tug of war toy, and more. Say goodbye to boring playtime routines and hello to thrilling adventures.

Stronger bond】: Strengthen the connection with your dog through interactive play. Whether you throw it by hand or give it a kick, watch as trust and cooperation grow. Enhance retrieval skills and create unforgettable moments together.

Healthy smiles】: Promote dental health while having fun. Our teething ball, wrapped in a cotton chewing rope, stimulates chewing and removes tartar and food debris. Give your furry friend a dazzling smile and a reason to wag their tail.

Release the energy】: Say goodbye to restlessness and anxiety. Let dogs play and chase together, stimulating their intelligence and releasing excess energy. Watch as they become happier, calmer, and more balanced.

On-the-go adventure】: Experience fun anytime, anywhere. Our toy is designed for ultimate convenience. Flatten and secure it with the included string, and you're ready to go. Bring the excitement wherever your journey takes you.

Unleash the magic and create unforgettable moments with our frisbee ball toy. Upgrade playtime today and witness the joy it brings to you and your furry companion.

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Garrafa Hoopet


Product information

Function: bite resistant

Category: Toy Ball

Material: pp+abs

Size  (sphere): 145.5X 145.5X 141.5mm

Package Contents

Frisbee Ball Pet

 + Bonus gift PetSip Travel Bottle





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