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VeggieFresh Washer™

VeggieFresh Washer™

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Say Goodbye to Bacteria & Contaminants!

Do you worry about bacteria and dirt in your food? Discover VeggieFresh Washer™, the solution that eliminates up to 99% of harmful substances, ensuring safe and healthy meals.


Wireless Fruit and Vegetable Washer Purifier – Hellokeeps


Time-Saving Health-Boosting

 With VeggieFresh Washer™, effortlessly control your diet and nutrition. No more tedious cleaning routines. Thoroughly cleanse fruits, vegetables, and meats, improving your overall well-being.


Frutas vegetais máquina de lavar roupa portátil wirelss desinfecção cleaner  remover pesticidas sujeira esterilização purificador de alimentos|Lavador  de legumes| - AliExpress


Experience Pure & Healthy Eating Joy  

Indulge in worry-free meals. VeggieFresh Washer™ degrades and eliminates harmful substances, ensuring the safety and satisfaction of every bite you take.

Take it Anywhere, Anytime, Stay Hygienic on the Go

VeggieFresh Washer™ compact design allows easy portability. Perfect for home, camping, picnics, or travel. Ensure food safety wherever you go with its long-lasting performance. Fruit Vegetable Washing Machine, Portable 4400mah Capsule Shape  Fruit and Vegetable Cleaner, USB Wireless Food Purifier,for Cleaning Fruits  and Vegetables, Rice, Meat, Blue : Home & Kitchen


Don't compromise on your family's health. Get VeggieFresh Washer™ now and ensure a safer and more hygienic food preparation. Limited stock available. Order yours today!


Product information

Material: ABS
Model:VeggieFresh Washer
Control mode: mechanical type
Rated voltage: 5v-1.3A (V)
Color: green, blue, white

Package Content

VeggieFresh Washer +charger+instructions * 1




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