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BiteZap Toy

BiteZap Toy

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Say Goodbye to Boredom and Loneliness

the ultimate solution to keep your furry friend entertained and happy. We understand the struggle of leaving your cat alone and worried about their well-being.


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    Endless Fun and Health Benefits

With BiteZap Toy, your cat will experience a world of excitement and joy. Watch as they engage in interactive play with the moving toys and balls, promoting physical exercise and mental stimulation. It's like having a personal trainer for your cat!


 Indulge Your Cat's Senses

 Get ready to witness pure feline bliss. The built-in high-quality catnip in BiteZap Toy adds an irresistible touch of excitement. Your cat will be captivated by the enchanting aroma, making playtime an unforgettable adventure.



Don't let your cat miss out on the incredible joy and companionship BiteZap Toy offers. Order now and transform your cat's life forever!

Product information

Material: plastic
Product category: Doumao Stick
Color: red, white
Specifications: USB interface of pendulum ball
Product size: 71.5mm 2.81 * "H 209mm 8.23"

Package Contents

Host * 1
Charging cable * 1
Feather accessories * 1




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